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Dr. med. Andrea Donadini in Lugano / Ticino

Range of treatment

Bariatric surgery, colorectal surgery, proctology, ...

Advisory cosultation

Investigation and diagnosis

Consultation - Andrea Donadini - LuganoMost patients have already undergone investigations and have been referred to me by their family doctor. If the diagnosis remains uncertain, further investigations may be necessary to make a judgement.

An operation is not always the best therapy. This must be thoroughly discussed with the patient.


For your first consultation you should bring with you if possible all the documentation such as your list of medications, any X-rays and a report from your family doctor. Your health insurance card containing all the necessary data for admission to hospital and billing is also important.

Advisory consultation

We make sure that our patients are well advised and fully informed. Do not hesitate to ask all your questions. I will try to give explanations in an understandable manner with appropriate pictures to relieve any anxiety and build trust and confidence.

Practical information

via Moncucco 7 6900 Lugano

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